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Women's jeans: what to pay attention to?

Jeans are one of those clothes that should be in every wardrobe. At the moment, the choice of such clothes is really very wide, so it is no wonder that it is often asked what jeans could be the best choice for men or women. This time let's talk about the types of women's jeans and what to look for when choosing these clothes.

Women's jeans models
  • Skinny style jeans for women are stretched in the thighs and calves. This is currently one of the most popular models of women's jeans;
  • High-waisted jeans are also quite popular because they help shape the shape of an hourglass. Such jeans look very neat with a T-shirt tucked into them;
  • The flared women's jeans have lost their popularity for some time, but now they are "on the wave" again. Such jeans help to create a hippie style and allow to mask larger thighs;
  • Mom fit jeans are wide and can be ripped off as much as they can. The good thing is that these jeans are very comfortable and perfect when you want to create a freestyle;
  • Straight women's jeans - a classic. Dark tone straight jeans can be combined daily with blouses and t-shirts and a classic jacket;
  • Shortened jeans are also attracting a lot of interest at the moment. Such trousers for women can be combined with both high-heeled shoes and open-toed shoes so that they can be worn all year round;
  • Jeans with a lowered waist were chosen very often in the past, but today the idea of ​​choosing such pants is often abandoned. This type of jeans can highlight belly imperfections and show underwear, which you would really like to avoid.
Women's jeans by figure type

Jeans will look just perfect if you evaluate which ones are best for your figure type:
  • Owners of a pear-shaped figure usually boast a slender waistband, making them perfect for jeans with a raised waist. Also, a great choice will be straight pants that will give the figure integrity;
  • If your hips and shoulders are narrow, you can opt for extra-tight tapered or flared jeans. You can choose pants with a hip area adorned with various decorations as this will help to expand this area optically;
  • If your shoulders are wide, emphasize the lower body by choosing light-colored or light wash jeans. You can also feel free to choose embroidered jeans;
  • Owners of an apple type figure will not be mistaken in choosing mid-waist flared or straight-cut jeans. If tight jeans for women are chosen, it is advisable to combine them with a looser blouse or tunic;
  • Hourglass holders can choose all types of jeans, but you should be more careful with a denim lowered waist (they can give the impression that you are lower than you really are).
Choose the right size

Jeans online are becoming an increasingly popular choice , but sometimes there are doubts about choosing the right clothing size. The women's and men's jeans offered in our online store are described in great detail, so if you know your height and exact body size, choosing the most suitable clothes should not be too difficult. However, if the jeans you bought do not live up to your expectations, you will be able 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.