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Universal dark blue - for both work and school

The dark blue color is quite often chosen when sewing suits and uniforms. This color symbolizes strength, confidence, and success, which is extremely important in the professional field. Schools quite often choose blue uniforms, and when professional etiquette requires formal attire, a blue suit becomes a widespread choice. Although black is considered the most versatile, costumes of this color are usually worn for exceptional occasions, such as weddings or formal parties. If you don't have a strict definition of what clothes to choose at work or school, dark blue jeans clothes can definitely be a great choice, but you often wonder what to choose - suit or dark blue jeans.

What clothing combinations will you create?

Today, there is no longer a provision that a jacket can be combined exclusively with suit pants, so if the clothing label does not require wearing a suit, jeans can be matched even to a formal-looking jacket. Dark blue jeans are definitely one of the most popular choices, as they are effortless to adjust. However, if you want the outfit to be even more exclusive, you can also think about choosing jeans in brighter colors. Such a combination of clothes is often chosen on Fridays, when both at work and school may be allowed to wear smart-casual jeans.

Jeans are an ideal leisure choice

Dark blue jeans go well with clothes of any color, so they are often chosen for leisure. Today, jeans offered in stores are often made of elastane, which increases the elasticity of clothing and can provide greater comfort. If someone were to ask what garment is considered the most versatile, it would probably be possible to answer in the blink of an eye that it is dark blue jeans. Why? They can be worn both every day and when you want to dress a little more formally, the combinations we can create with this outfit can be endless.

When is it better to choose pants?

While jeans can be chosen in prevalent situations, sometimes it is still worth choosing pants. For example, if you're traveling for a job interview, it's better to choose pants than jeans: you always want to make the best impression possible, so wearing jeans can make you look too frustrated. Later, once you've got a job, you'll definitely find out the rules of clothing etiquette, and you'll know if you can wear jeans at work, or if you still need to choose pants. Also, jeans should not be chosen when going to a wedding unless the youngsters have indicated that they would like to (of course, the chances are meager).

If you are unsure when to choose pants and when to choose jeans, you can rely on your intuition, but it is worth remembering that pants are always more suitable for special occasions or formal meetings. It does not matter that you have costly designer jeans.

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