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Long denim skirts - the best looks and models

Over the past few seasons, a long denim skirt has been especially popular with designers. And a correctly selected model from their variety can become the basis for many images. The secret lies in the unique properties of denim fabric, which takes on a different density depending on the season, but can hold the most complex draperies and cut features.

Cut and its many variations   

Long denim skirts are eye-catching. And the secret of such popularity is hidden in the fact that designers, playing with such a "grateful" material in modeling, create very diverse styles.  

The most popular cut is still a trapezoid. Vertically placed wedges, an accentuated belt, and a row of buttons make it an attractive cut for many ladies. The skirt can be straight or somewhat flared, starting from the knee line. Designers suggest turning to the A-line for those who prefer more spacious silhouettes. Such a skirt is "planted" on a wide belt or a stylized yoke, allowing you to form a skinny waist. A slightly different option, but creating the same effect, to which the splendor of the hips is added, is the O-silhouette, or an elongated balloon. In it, the hem is pulled down to varying degrees along the bottom, and the volume of the hips is added with the help of hidden welt side pockets.

Thanks to the shape-holding denim, this style is often used for tailoring curvy and silhouette-changing models. "Sun," "semi-sun," "bell," long jeans skirt-year, "Spanish" with tiered frills - they are all clearly fixed and, thanks to the material from which they are sewn, they practically do not lose their original shape and well aware of wrinkle. 

In addition to the features of the general style, such models of denim skirts also differ in detail. You can start with their length. It varies from the level of the "tea," covering the middle of the lower leg, to the line "on the floor." In addition, to achieve a stylistic affiliation, designers often resort to an asymmetric hem. It is more typical for summer models - "with a smell" or a side cascade. The second feature is the execution of the waistline. It can be located both standard and in an overestimated or underestimated form. Moreover, the high waist is characterized by a wide yoke belt, and the understated one is presented in a stylized elastic band.

And, the last thing worth mentioning is the culottes. The option is especially relevant in the summer because thin denim fabric can create the necessary flowing and airy silhouette. As for the fabric from which such skirts are sewn, in this case, we are talking exclusively about denim - thin (for summer) and dense (for off-season). But designers are actively using other materials as decorative elements. These are inserts made of leather, felt, thick cotton, linen, lace, knitwear, or suede. The hem, pockets, or side seams are decorated with fringe, characteristic of the boho direction, and embroidery with threads, rhinestones, or stones.

Interesting color palette. The leading position in it is occupied by saturated blue and its variations. However, depending on the season, fashion designers offer other colors - blue, gray, black, brown, pastel yellow, red, green, pink, and beige variations. It is worth noting that specialists in creating images strongly do not recommend using scuffs and "torn" elements in extended versions and applying the print only to fabric inserts or in the form of embroidery.

The choice of the model depends on the silhouette and height
There is an opinion that a long denim skirt suits all beautiful ladies, regardless of their type of fullness or height silhouette. And experts in creating images agree with this statement, but with some reservations.

They start with a type of silhouette. A classic trapezoid is considered to be a universal style for all figures. The outline is visually stretched and corrected, thanks to the hem gradually expanding towards the bottom and vertically accentuated elements of such a skirt. Things are somewhat different with other cuts. So, for the "Apple" figure, judging by the photos of the stylists' lookbooks, a dense godet, accentuated with a high waist or an evenly planted belt, and the sun, also formed with the help of layering, are shown. For the "Rectangle," long denim variations of "semi-sun" and "bell" are recommended. But for Pears, it is best to consider models with patchwork vertical inserts. "Hourglass" can experiment with almost all types of styles and pay special attention to options with an asymmetric, lush hem. For the "Inverted Triangle," stylists recommend an O-silhouette or an elongated "balloon."

Separately, it is worth mentioning the completeness of the silhouette of a beautiful lady. So, long jeans skirts with lace are ideal for fragile fashionistas, which will give the necessary volume. They should also take a closer look at models with complex decor multi-tiered and denim ruffles located along the edge of an asymmetrical hem. Models are recommended for full and pregnant women who radiate from the hip and are fixed at the waistline with a broad, elastic (preferably knitted) belt.

Image specialists note that long denim skirts fit perfectly only on high fashionistas. But what about the rest? First of all, pay attention to the models, in the cut of which there is a high waist, combined with a hem flared from its line or the hip. In addition to this version, short ladies are recommended models with extensive vertical details (the same cut "Trapeze," "semi-sun," or "bell" with ample, pronounced folds), small decor, or asymmetric, accented with frills or ruffles hem. And the last factor is the growth of a beautiful lady.

And having chosen a model that is ideal for all of the above criteria, you can proceed to the stylists' recommendations on creating the perfect image.

Look Variations

Before deciding what to wear with this version of a denim skirt, you should understand that the chosen style is more suitable for looks in a casual or romantic direction. And therefore, the best option for a duet with him are thin jumpers, T-shirts, tops, or semi-fitted cotton shirts. And the whole set is complemented by flat shoes or low heels - ballet flats, sneakers, sandals, Cossacks.

But stylists offer other combinations. For example, total jeans look. For him, a straight skirt or "bell" style is combined with a denim shirt of the most superficial, almost masculine cut. Complement the image with a felt hat, nude pumps, and an envelope bag or a mini bag with a long strap. However, for those who do not want to "overload" their appearance with denim, stylists recommend replacing a denim shirt with a suede one, but with fabric inserts that match the skirt's color and texture.

You can also create an image based on a long denim skirt for a business look. For him, the most strict style is chosen, for example, a bell with a slit from the knee line, complemented by a silk or chiffon blouse or a long-sleeve top. The image is finished with a thin tie, bolo, or neckerchief, tied in the Spanish style and boats.

For demi-season looks, it is best to choose A-line skirts. Tight-fitting turtlenecks complement them, a cashmere coat or a beige-colored short coat, ankle boots, or shoes with a T-strap with a stable heel.

But best of all, long jeans skirts are suitable for romantic looks. They are best combined with airy blouses or tops without sleeves or with ¼ sleeves (lantern or petal) in summer and complemented with an elongated cardigan on a fantastic evening. Shoes, in this case, are chosen on a flat course - ballet flats, sandals, espadrilles, or loafers.

As for demi-season looks, in this case, shirts or turtlenecks are selected for the skirt in a duet, adhering to the rule "the more magnificent the skirt, the more the torso fits the top." In addition to it, blazers or over-size coats are chosen. Heeled shoes (boots or ankle boots) and a slouchy or fedora hat complete the whole look.

In conclusion, it remains only to note that long denim skirts are lovely, but at the same time, a wardrobe element that is difficult to choose and complete. If a beautiful lady chooses a perfectly suitable model, her image based on such a style will emphasize the femininity of nature as much as possible.