Jeans washing: what is important to know about it? |

Jeans washing: what is important to know about it?

Jeans are one of the most popular garments that entered the wide market in the 1960s. Jeans are very comfortable, and when properly paired with other clothes, they can be worn almost daily. Quality jeans last a really long time, but sometimes due to improper care, their color fades much faster than you would like, and wear marks appear. To prevent this from happening and avoid having to buy a new garment shortly, it is important to follow certain rules for washing jeans - this is what can ensure that this garment will delight you for a really long time.

Color preservation

Probably few people know that the color of jeans can be "locked." This will not be very difficult to do:

  • Just pour two tablespoons of table salt in cold water;
  • Add a glass of vinegar;
  • Soak the jeans (for no more than an hour);
  • Rinse this garment well.

Stain removal

If stains appear on your jeans, you are usually in a hurry to wash your entire clothes, but this is definitely unnecessary: ​​you can clean the soiled areas. If the jeans are greasy, compare the denim with an iron (heat it to a maximum of 100 degrees). Then place the moisture-absorbing paper on both sides of the cloth, sweeping with an iron. It is advisable to sprinkle fresh grease stains with chalk first, in which case stain removal will be more effective. It will be easier to remove stubborn fruit juice stains if you soak them in sour milk and then rinse them with cold water.

When to wash jeans?

We are used to washing the T-shirt after each wear, but it is recommended to wash the jeans less often. If you wash these clothes after wearing them 4-5 times, you will be able to preserve the jeans' original color for longer. Of course, if there are stains on these clothes that cannot be cleaned effectively, you may need to wash them after just one or two times.

How to wash jeans?

While handwashing is certainly not the most enjoyable activity, such a choice can be really auspicious for preserving the fabric's color. It will be much easier to wash jeans if you first soak them in cold or lukewarm water and then wash them with a mild detergent. If you wash these clothes in the washing machine, choose a gentle washing program, as this will help protect the fabric from wearing out too quickly, and the bright color of jeans will delight you for much longer.

Jeans drying

We are used to the fact that jeans dry for quite a long time, so there may be a temptation to dry them in an automatic dryer. However, such a choice does not always pay off, as it has a particularly negative effect on jeans' color. If you want to keep the original color of the jeans for as long as possible, allow them to dry naturally and avoid direct sunlight.

If you follow these most important rules, you will wear jeans for much longer, and their color will remain bright. So, avoid major jeans, washing mistakes, and you won't really have to consider buying new jeans any time soon.

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