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Did you know that the jeans name was born in Genoa?

Jeans is a generic name used to describe trousers made of denim. Today, such clothes can be found in probably every person's wardrobe, but certainly, not everyone knows that these clothes' name is associated with the Italian city of Genoa. The history of jeans is traced back to the California-based company of Lew Strauss, which began sewing rough fabric trousers in 1853. The fabric for these garments was shipped from the Italian city of Genoa, so Gene's stamps were affixed to the fabric boxes. The Americans said the word "jean," and it didn't take long for this new word to spread and take root.

What did the first jeans look like?

The first jeans were definitely not what we are used to seeing today. The pants were made from a solid brown fabric and more reminiscent of an overall. The first batch of blue jeans was made a couple of decades later - in 1874 (on May 20, we can commemorate the "anniversary" of blue jeans). The first jeans made by Levi Strauss had five pockets - three of them were sewn on the front and two on the back. Such pants first became popular among farmers, cowboys, and dug men, and later jeans also attracted women. After World War II, jeans conquered not only Europe but the whole world.

The Jeans Revolution

Naturally, a "gold mine" such as the production of jeans has attracted other entrepreneurs' interest. In 1889, Levis Strauss acquired a powerful competitor, at which time a new jeans brand, Lee, appeared. Since 1926, this company has started to offer unprecedented innovation - jeans with a zipper! An even more modern solution was offered by the Blue Bell company, which started making jeans for cowboys in 1947: these pants had bottomless pockets on the front and high pockets on the back. There was a real revolution in jeans in the 1970s: these pants became a symbol of wealth and a kind of status. Manufacturers have created special models for wealthy individuals. These pants have been decorated with various gemstones. It became common in business meetings to wear luxurious denim suits, but this was just a shortstop in jeans' history. In the 1980s, jeans lost their power, young people preferred other types of pants, but in the 2000s, the jeans industry revived. Interestingly, today, a statistical American has 7 pairs of jeans in her wardrobe, and she chooses these clothes at least 4 times a week.

Denim was created even earlier

While there is no doubt that denim pants are a 19th-century invention, denim was created much earlier. There are hints in 17th-century Italian painters that denim could be over 300 years old! The drawings by an unknown author depict people in the XVII decade. One of these paintings depicts a woman repairing a denim garment, another depicting a girl begging to wear a denim shirt, and another depicting a boy wearing a denim jacket.

Jeans world curiosities

Although jeans are no longer considered a luxury item today (Americans spend an average of $ 20-200 on this garment), exclusive jeans created by Levi's cost as much as $ 85,000! Where does such a price come from? Well, these jeans were decorated with gold, rubies, and diamonds, so it's no wonder their price was really unusual. The Japanese company Teijin Wow has created special jeans saturated with amino acids, help stop skin aging, and protect the skin from bacteria. It is claimed that these jeans retain their effectiveness for up to two years! Another Japanese company has developed jeans that protect against UV rays. So, we can only guess what jeans manufacturers will offer us tomorrow.

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