How to Style Culottes Denim Pants? |

How to Style Culottes Denim Pants?

Are you tired of wearing the same styles of straight fit or mom jeans repeatedly? Well, say hello to culottes denim pants. Women's culottes jeans are the ideal balance between classic and trendy that you can slay in any gathering. So, whether you're running errands or attending a work conference, culottes denim pants will be your style and comfort partner. 
Let's look at creative ways to style your favorite culottes denim pants.

Pick the Right Top

To style culottes effectively, you must pair them with the right top. Due to the culottes baggy and flowy fit, the top paired with it should be well fitted, either cropped or tucked in, to balance the wide silhouette of the pants and make the overall look flattering. Once you've covered that, you're already ahead of everyone in the game. 

Understand Your Body Type

Just like any other piece of clothing, culottes denim pants need to cater to your needs and body type. If you have a petite structure, you'll often complain about how different women's culottes jeans seem to 'swallow' your frame. To these pants and still feel confident, you should choose a fitted option that complements your body shape and beautifully flows down your legs.

Play With Prints and Colors 

Let's go ahead and say it, why you're so fed up with regular denim options is that their style is tedious and redundant. For all our readers full of color and joy, ensure the outfits you wear mirror your wonderfully vibrant personalities. 
To accentuate your overall look, style a statement culotte piece with a plain t-shirt and minimal jewelry. The key to carrying such outfits is to focus on one signature piece and ensure your accessories don't overpower or clash with it. 

Follow the Three-Color Rule

Indeed at one point or the other, you must have heard of the three-color rule. While it isn't the rule of thumb, you must follow it everywhere. It can be a foundation for newbie fashionistas who want to play it safe. A light-washed pair of culottes denim pants styled with a white t-shirt accessorized with a nude bag will give you the most classic and effortless look perfect for everyday wear. 

Go for a High-Waisted Option

A well-planned outfit can highlight and accentuate features you feel most confident about. Most women wish for their legs to look longer with their pants choices. This is a more challenging task to be done with culottes compared to regular pants, but after gaining some basic understanding, you will be able to master this in no time. Wearing high-waisted culottes will provide you with the illusion of longer legs. You can style these with a fitted top tucked in to further reduce the length of your torso and automatically appear taller. 

Opt for a Mid-Length Culottes

A significant game changer that will forever alter the way you feel about women's culottes jeans is showing your ankles. Your ankles are the slimmest point of your legs. Drawing attention to them and your waist gives you the perfect illusion of lean and elongated legs. By wearing a high-waisted mid-length culottes with a cropped top, you will automatically find an excellent fix to a common problem of looking too 'shabby.

Monochrome is the Way to Go

In 2022, we can all agree that nothing beats a fabulous monochrome outfit to look bold yet sophisticated and elegant, right? To monochrome well, make sure you pick a classic color that won't overpower you completely. 
In culottes denim pants, navy blue is one of the most fabulous choices. Pair it with a denim top and dark navy sneakers to pair the look. After all, no one can ever go wrong with denim on denim! 

Heels are Your New Best Friend 

For all our plus-sized divas, we're here to give you the ultimate advice to forever rock culottes denim pants. And no, it's not the same recommendation we've heard forever, only to wear black. 
You can pull off any color of culottes since their bagginess gives out the appearance of a skirt to hide features that you might not want to highlight. Style them with your favorite pair of heels to make your legs look slimmer and much longer. 
Fashion is subjective to everyone's preferences. We aim to create a variety of size-inclusive women's culottes jeans to make them feel beautiful in their skin and have fun styling them for everyday use. We hope this blog helped you understand the variety of ways you can wear culottes denim pants.