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History and Evolution of Red Jeans for Men & Styling Ideas

Although it looks outrageous, wearing red jeans can be incredibly stylish and attention-grabbing, it's a great fashion staple for those who like to stand out. Men's red jeans are never outdated or out of style; they are always fashionable for people who want to rock a confident silhouette. Red is dauntlessly the brightest color, and it's easier to pair it up with anything; you only need proper knowledge about this piece of clothing.

We are writing this piece to help you know more about this fashion trend and to help you get some eye-catching red jeans so that you can up your game to new heights.

History and Facts about Red Jeans for Men

Wearing red jeans or trousers is a favorite staple of British upper-middle-class and aristocrats; they are famous for matching this up with brass blazers and branded loafers. The trend emerged in the 15th century as a jazzy alternative to the buff style; red jeans and scarlet breeches were considered a symbol of taste and status in men. The red pant trend remained a hit fashion trend till the 18th century in Britain. Besides royals, red trousers are a celebrated staple for military personnel; many retired sassy brigadiers in the British armed forces wear red pants during patriotic celebrations. However, during world war I and even before that, red trousers used to be a mainstay of French leader Napoleon Bonaparte's army.

These checkered men's jeans on our website are the perfect example of the trendy Scottish highland pant of the 16th century, which is still a famous statement staple of Scottish men. 

The red jeans for men are pretty famous in Europe also, and it's beloved more if it's teamed up with some high-end branded shirts and espadrilles. On the other hand, the American continent embraced this trend pretty late when Michael Jackson rocked the red legs in Thriller.

How to Style Red Jeans for Men?

The key to great red jeans is to pair them with the clothes that complement them. Pairing red jeans can be tricky; you should not partner it with the colors that divert the attention from the jeans; instead, pair them up with neutral colors. There are many shades of red, so always wear a shade that goes best with the event; for a smart-casual gathering, a more subtle darker tone of red can look fabulous, while a bright red hue is a perfect informal setup. Colors like white, black, grey, and other lighter shades like cream go best with red jeans. However, if you want to make a sassy appearance at a red carpet type of event, you can also try other fiery hues; otherwise, wearing bold colors is suggested to be avoided.

Occasions to Wear Men's Red Jeans

  • Casual Attire

Red jeans are considered the best choice for casual attire; you can make an envy-worthy simple appearance by styling red jeans with a t-shirt, leather jackets, and sneakers. To add more flare to your overall look, complete yourself by adding the right accessories like a perfect pair of glasses.

This dragon embroidery men's jeans in our 2022 Autumn collection is the best thing you can do to yourself at a casual event; this stylish piece can quickly go with almost everything and elevate your attire to the next level.

  • Smart Casual Attire

You can also wear red jeans at smart-casual gatherings like annual business events. Neutral colors are the key to rocking these fiery pants on any semi-formal or smart casual occasion. The bold hues of your pants won't need further embellishment to enhance your look, as this bold attire would be enough. The best way to wear red jeans in a smart casual setup is by pairing them with a blazer and a button-down shirt. To complete your look add a classic pair of derby or loafers, and you are all set for an envy-worthy silhouette.

These classic regular jeans for men are perfect for a smart-casual evening; team it up with a navy blue blazer, dark brown brogues, and a crisp white shirt to get a wow-worthy silhouette.

Best looking Type of Jeans

The fitting and the cuts are essential in shaping your look wearing red jeans. It's highly recommended by the fashion icons around the globe that you wear either straight-fitted jeans or ones with simple slim cuts. Red jeans are usually worn in semi-formal settings, so wearing too baggy or skinny can make you look odd. So, simple slim-cut or straight-fit jeans can do wonders for you as they look perfect and are relaxing.

Fashion Trends

The fashion industry worldwide has evolved drastically in the last two decades; the old trends that became a fashion faux earlier have now become a great hit. The same is the case with red jeans. It has recently gained immense popularity and has become an intuitive way of dressing. Initially, men's red jeans used to be recognizable apparel for the upper class only. Still, since the famous fashion trends are easily accessible for everyone now due to online shopping, men of all ages are being seen to embrace red trousers.

It is noticed that men who tend to have bold and confident personalities make sure to include this red-hot fashion statement in their wardrobe; red doesn't only add colorfulness to your closet but your attire. As red color is associated with all the attention-grabbing qualities 

A significant number of people undoubtedly don't want to see men wearing red jeans as they feel it's provocative and an old symbol of the elite class. However, people from other parts of the world have started embracing red jeans, which look super sassy and fiery. So, it's high time you add one of the above-mentioned versatile styles to your wardrobe.