Here's how you should wash your jeans if you want them to last forever! |

Here's how you should wash your jeans if you want them to last forever!

Long live denim.

Whether it's the latest fashion mom or the more relaxed boyfriend, the super sexy skinny or the casual baggy style, your favorite jeans (maybe even designer ones ) certainly don't deserve any treatment.

If you want it to remain the inseparable ally of your looks forever, you have to follow these tips to wash the jeans that will allow you to make them last as long as possible!

Washing jeans: how to

To make your jeans last longer, always remember to turn them backward and wash them at a maximum of 30 degrees. The jeans covered in eco-leather or decorated should not be put in the washing machine but soaked in cold water for about ten minutes without detergent.

How often should you wash your jeans?

Generally speaking, the longer you want them to last, the less the jeans need to be washed. So avoid always throwing them in the washing machine and be careful not to stress them even more than necessary. Continuous laundry damages the fabric of the jeans: if there are no apparent stains, wash them after wearing them four or five times. A good alternative is a freezer: just put the denim pants in a plastic bag and place them in the ice compartment to kill all the germs without ruining the canvas!

Which detergent should you use?

It is advisable to use delicate detergents or detergents suitable for colored fabrics. They usually do not contain bleach so that the jeans do not lose color after washing (who hasn't stained their favorite shirt blue, washing it with the stonewashed pants?) The use of these detergents is also ideal for preserving the fibers of the denim canvas. They are particularly suitable for stretch jeans.

How to dry and iron jeans correctly?

The first rule is: never in the dryer! If you want your jeans to last forever, try to always let them dry in the open air and inside out: in this way, the canvas is stressed as little as possible. And to spread them out? It is enough to lay them down after grabbing them by the belt and banging them vigorously (without clothespins, please!). In this way, it will be easier to iron them: to get rid of the classic wrinkles, pass the iron on the pants inside out, starting from the pockets and ending on the legs.