Finding the perfect jeans: 4 steps to help you choose |

Finding the perfect jeans: 4 steps to help you choose

Style experts unanimously say that the most important thing is not the quantity of clothing, but the quality and suitability for the human body type. This is why stylists have long compiled a detailed list of clothes that everyone wants to look stylish and beautiful must-have. It's also white shirts, classic pants, little black dresses, but one of the leading garments that have earned a respectful place in everyone's wardrobe is jeans. With their growing popularity, manufacturers offer a wide range of styles, cuts, and colors of jeans, but how to choose the only ideal jeans that will fit everything and emphasize the figure's advantages remains a big question. We will try to answer this question by providing four simple steps to help you buy perfect jeans. So, let's begin on the search for the perfect jeans!

Step 1 - Choose a model

This is one of the most important steps when choosing jeans - it is the cut that is offered to select according to your figure's type. Otherwise, the image in the mirror will not make you happy. Of course, it is essential to pay attention to the size offered, and remember that there are no universal jeans sizes - the dimensions of each manufacturer are different. Therefore, when choosing jeans online, it is necessary to check a particular manufacturer's size chart. Here are some additional tips to help you discover the most appropriate model of jeans:

  • Skinny jeans are probably the most popular - they are narrow-cut, tight jeans, suitable for most body types;
  • Regular straight-cut jeans are especially suitable for full-bodied women and men, especially those with a brighter butt or protruding belly;
  • Loose jeans are more relaxed over the hips and legs. Makes you feel comfortable and free;
  • Slim fit jeans are tight but less snug than skinny jeans. The jeans in this model are very suitable for women with fuller shapes who want a balanced look;
  • Mom fit model jeans are the most suitable for casual wear. These jeans are usually a bit shabby and visually complicate the lower body, so they are ideal for women with a sporty figure.

Step 2 - Choose a color

Jeans are offered in almost a hundred different colors - from various shades of gray to the classic blue or black. Also, jeans come in different styles - ripped, washed, culotte, cargo, etc. So, what to consider when choosing a jeans color:

  • Dark jeans (mostly dark blue) have a slimming effect. They are the most versatile - suitable for everyday or leisure and special occasions (in combination with certain accessories).
  • Light blue and gray jeans are the perfect choices for the spring and summer seasons - they will revitalize the image and create an impression of lightness.
  • Black jeans are a timeless classic, perfect for both leisure and work.
  • White jeans will be especially suitable for those who want to emphasize the advantages of the figure, and those with fuller figures will help to "lock" the weight - thus creating the impression of slimness.
  • Red and other bright jeans are suitable for colorful personalities who want to stand out - regardless of body composition.

Step 3 - Assess your body type

When choosing jeans, the model or the cut of the jeans is essential and the waste type. Properly chosen jeans will help further beautify the figure and emphasize its benefits. The main types of jeans (and trousers) are:

  • low-waist is especially suitable for those (and those) with a shorter middle body part - creating the illusion of a higher torso.
  • The mid-waist will suit everyone and will help maintain neutrality. Jeans with this vest type are best chosen for slender and medium-bodied people and those with longer legs.
  • High-waist jeans are especially suitable for those who want to lengthen their legs and highlight the figure's advantages optically.
  • Very high-waist type jeans (with "corset") are especially suitable for those with a fuller middle part of the body - such jeans will help hide the puffy belly and lengthen the legs.

Step 4 - Buy and try it!

This is, of course, the most enjoyable stage. Once you have chosen the jeans' desired color and the body type and model that best suits the figure, it remains to buy them. Of course, before buying jeans online, you should pay attention to the photos of jeans and evaluate the height of the model, waist, and hips. This will help you choose the right length, size, and type of jeans. So, there is nothing to wait for - now is the time to update your wardrobe with a pair of perfect jeans!