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Embroidered Men's Jeans: How to Make Them Work

Jeans are often the most versatile item hanging in our closet. From ripped and graffiti-printed to slim and stylish — there are all kinds of jeans you can pair with your outfit and stand out from the crowd! Today, let's talk about one of the most fashionable, and honestly very underrated, variety of jeans among men: embroidered jeans.

Bellbottoms used to be pretty popular during the 1960s. They became a prominent counterculture symbol representing youthfulness and free love at one point. Along with the rising popularity of bellbottom jeans over the years, embroidery and patches have become trendy too! The two go very well together, and if you couple a nice embroidered pair of jeans with a denim jacket, you have an outfit guaranteed to turn heads around.

Styling Ideas

With such wide varieties on the market, developing fresh styling ideas that go with your particular aesthetic taste can be very confusing. Embroidered jeans are trickier than others, especially regarding styling ideas for men. Nonetheless, there are a few tips you can use that pretty much always succeed.

If you're in a hurry and want to look chic and fabulous without spending too much time or effort trying different things, pull out a tan jacket and pair it with your embroidered jeans. This outfit perfectly balances casual and formal, and you can count on this look for most social events!

Alternatively, if you're aiming for a slightly more casual appearance for a night out with friends, try a charcoal wool shirt with embroidered jeans; it's the perfect combination that elevates your on-to-go look. And if you want to add an extra touch of fashion, put on your brown leather boots and go out there to make a statement!

If tan shirt jackets are not your thing, we highly recommend black leather bomber jackets and a fantastic new pair of embroidered jeans. Pair that up with brown leather Chelsea boots, and you have a modern look that works both on and off duty!

Fit Tips

Even though the style and color of your jeans are essential factors that affect your overall look, do you know what else makes or breaks an outfit? It's how perfectly it fits you.

A pair of jeans can dramatically change how you feel about yourself and your look – an improper fit that you're not comfortable in won't just affect your appearance but will also hurt your self-confidence.

That's why we emphasize the fit of your jeans more than anything else! We have a few tips for you if you struggle to find the perfect pair of jeans that fits your physique.

First of all, make sure that you try out the different sizes available for a particular pair before settling for the perfect one. Even if you're used to the extent that you think fits you well, it's worth putting on a smaller as well as a larger one to check how you feel. Sometimes, out of habit, we miss out on new options and end up not even exploring multiple ideas available to us. As a result, we stick to old patterns and miss out on many things. You might have gained or lost a few pounds since the last time you bought a pair of jeans, so make sure whatever you buy fits your current physique instead of an older version of you.

Next up, we'd highly recommend skinny embroidered jeans if you're on the look for a figure-flattering outfit. Skinny jeans come in all sizes and are particularly trendy when embroidered. So, regardless of your body type, don't be afraid to try on a slim pair of jeans and carry it with confidence!

Another helpful tip is to consider the length before splurging on any pair. Consider your body type and proportions, be honest with yourself, and above all, wear what you're most comfortable with.

Variation by Color & Model

When it comes to embroidered jeans, in particular, variations in color and model can make a significant difference. Not every color or model is supposed to suit every individual who puts it on; in fact, many colors might not even be to your taste!

Still, there are looks you can't go wrong with, and regardless of your age or preference, we're sure you'll pull off these outfits flawlessly.

A blue plaid shirt jacket is at the top of our recommendations: by coupling it with white leather low-top sneakers, this jacket elevates your embroidered jeans look like nothing else.

A multi-colored t-shirt, especially with vertical stripes, is another of our favorites that go well with good old embroidered jeans. This casual street-style look works wherever you go, and if you add athletic shoes to the mix, you're ready for any social interaction.

Fashion Trends

Men's fashion is not immune to the latest trends, which applies to embroidered men's jeans as much as any other piece of clothing. If you're wondering what to wear to stay at the top of your fashion game, we have a few solid suggestions that always work!

Relaxed-fit denim has been increasingly growing in popularity over the years. Many people who previously only went with skinny fits have been experimenting with relaxed-legged jeans with measurable success. We're pretty sure the trend is here to stay, so it's worth picking a pair for yourself.

Another trend that we think has tremendous potential is that of ripped jeans. Yes, they've been here for a while, but imagine a ripped and embroidered pair. Not everyone can pull it off, but you're bound to stand out from the crowd if you think it's your cup of tea.

Light grey or off-white denim is another popular choice among men these days. Unique embroidery on top of such a pair is a safe choice you can count on any day.