Clothing sizes: how to choose correctly? |

Clothing sizes: how to choose correctly?

While it may seem that clothes of a certain size should be identical in size, this is not the case. Sometimes buying size 36 jeans online is a big disappointment - their length is completely inappropriate, and their width is too big or too small. There is a rush to blame the seller in a situation like this, but is it really his fault?

Different size standards

There are several basic sizing standards: American, European, Australian, and the UK sizing benchmark. Clothes sold online can meet different size standards. If you buy clothes tailored to American or UK size standards, you will need to choose a different size (for example, American 26 size jeans would match 10 in Australia or UK, etc.).

The size standard is not always essential

Many manufacturers currently offer a variety of clothing that do not always adhere to a certain size benchmark. For this reason, sellers have to provide size charts that make it much easier for buyers to choose the right items. It is important to assess the composition of the offered garments composition: if the materials that increase elasticity are mentioned, then it is possible to consider the purchase of a garment that is about 1-2 sizes smaller. For example, jeans with spandex or elastane are quite elastic, so clothes of a larger size will be much too loose. There are also different clothing lines: the size 42 of the small size line will definitely be different from the large size line. Some manufacturers call it "youth" and "adult" lines, making no mistake when choosing clothes.

It is important to be careful

When buying clothes online, it is important to be careful because it will help you choose the perfect fit. Each item comes with size charts that make it easier to determine what clothing size and length to choose. If the jeans contain elastane, it is natural that the fabric will be elastic, so we also indicate the clothes' dimensions when they are stretched. We want our customers to choose the kind of jeans clothes that suit them perfectly. If the purchase of a garment turns out to be the wrong size, you will be able 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.