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5 Chic Styling Tips for Women's Embroidered Jeans

Are you wondering if embroidered jeans are still a thing? Do you have a pair somewhere in your wardrobe that you just can't seem to style correctly? Well, not to worry. Women's embroidered jeans are very much still in style.

Think of them as regular denim with a little attitude or sass. They are still versatile. You can rock a pair to work, for a date night, to a concert, anywhere really. But how do you pull it off? Here are 5 ways to rock women's embroidered jeans.

Pair it with a dress top

For the flawless work look, get your cute embroidered jeans and throw a plain-colored satin dress top over them. Complete the look with some pumps or heeled sandals. Bonus points for you if the color of the top matches the embroidery color.

While playing with this style idea, ensure that you follow fitting rules according to your body type. Wear well-fitted, dark-coloured clothing to reduce size. Wear loose, light-colored clothing to accentuate or give the illusion of volume.

Throw on a Plain White Tee and a Plain jacket

You can rock this with skinny or loose embroidered denim. This look will work as long as the white tee is fitted to your size. You may show up in this ensemble to work (if your workplace doesn't have a strict formal dressing policy), a date, a time out with friends or anything that involves a small gathering of people.

The trick is to switch footwear and jewelry. With sneakers, it becomes more casual; with heels, it becomes semi-formal.

Throw on a plain button-down and some pumps

The classic white button-down shirt on denim is a savior when you don't know what to wear but still want to slay. It doesn't matter that the jeans are embroidered. The same rules of style that apply to plain or ripped jeans apply here as well.

If your jeans are straight or wide-legged, consider making a cuff on the ankle and putting on some pumps or boots to match. This look is great for semi-formal events and date nights out.

Pair with an oversized sweater and sneakers or boots

During fall and winter, sweaters and sneakers are the most worn clothing items because of the warmth they bring. Pair your embroidered jeans with sweaters and sneakers to look chic and still stay warm.

Since most sweaters are oversized, wearing skinny downs would make more sense. But if you're wearing a fitted sweater shirt, feel free to go crazy with the baggy pants.

Go Vintage

Vintage shirts are always in style. They add a layer of charisma and character to your look. Pairing one with your embroidered jeans gives the perfect street look. It's also great for summer because of the vibrant colors.

You can throw on some flats like loafers or ballet flats. You can also choose to wear chic heeled sandals. Whatever you go for, always consider your body shape and how you can balance out all the proportions.

This outfit can go for casual and semi-formal looks.

Tips For Buying New Embroidered Jeans

Women's embroidered jeans come in all shapes, sizes and colors. With myriad options, how do you pick the one that makes you look sassy, simple and sweet? Check out these quick shopping tips.

  • Know your size

Nothing screams tacky like oversized or even undersized clothes. You can never buy wrong when you buy any style or cut of denim in your perfect size.

  • Do a mental check of available pieces in your wardrobe

Another great tip is knowing what you have in your wardrobe that you can pair with your prospective embroidered denim. If you need to shop separately for something or everything that would make the ensemble complete, you might want to consider choosing another style or cut.

  • Where do you go very often?

Do you attend more formal events, or is your lifestyle more laid back? You can get casual-looking jeans if there is no need to show up at the office every day or turn up at semi-formal meet-and-greets. Otherwise, a straight-cut or wide-legged pair would be most versatile for you.

Ultimately, women's embroidered jeans are just as classic as regular denim. The secret is in knowing how to style them. With the tips and styling ideas espoused in this article, you'll show up and show out anywhere, anytime!